Tuesday, 18 August 2009

All aboard the bandwagon :)

Greetings nosey fuckers and friends who care enough to read this. :D

After a couple of friends began writing blogs I decided it may be a good time to start spurting my thoughts and innermost feelings all over the internet. Good idea? Maybe not, only time will tell.

Also I can use this as I diary to see what I've done on certain days. So... Today...

I was supposed to go play football today but after waking up at the time I was supposed to be meeting everyone 3 miles away I decided against it. Maybe a bad idea... Went on the ol' msn.. had some nice conversations... And then I found out that 1 of my ex's was getting it on with another girl that I used to like... not the best of news especially considering the girl I used to like enjoys trying to wind me up... Anyway... After some heated discussions my self confidence and and self esteem had taken a bit of a battering after the girl I used to like took things a little too far I decided to meet up with Mikki.

Mikki is somebody who I have been on and off with for a little while but whenever I see her we always have a nice time. So I spent the afternoon sat in a park cuddling and kissing. It felt so nice to lay there feeling no pressure and having someone I know really does care about me laying next to me. No strings attached. We then walked down to KFC and got my dinner which I ate whilst walking/cycling her home. Saw her home and then cycled home about... 6 miles in 40 minutes... Average speed of 9 MPH (H), :P

On the way home I cycled past so many things that bring back memories. It was quite... I dunno, A odd mixture of Happiness, sadness and regret. Meh. I've bored you enough.

I Should write again tomorrow of my day with Natalie and my return to competetive football. :)

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