Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Burger in a Shoeeeeee!!! (Y)

Good evening... Infidels. :D

As promised... Here is my account of todays events...

My alarm failed to wake me up... again. FAIL. So I awoke at 10 in a panic, spoke to Natalie and decided I would go to meet her in brighton. So I speed like a bullet on my bike to the trian station, 4 and half miles in 20 minutes... Average speed of... 13.5 MPH. (H)

Anyway, got the ticket and a bottle of water because I was sweating like a dyslexic on countdown and got on the train. Got off at Barnham and found out that the next train to brighton was cancelled due to the train being faulty... Surely they could use another... Genius people at southern... Anyway... Waited an HOUR for the next one. During this hour I had a lovely phone call with my asian best friend who was in fucking Surrey. SURREY?!?! and then randomly saw James... or Tim... I dunno :P. Got on the train... eventually... and rang natalie... She was stuck at Haywards Heath due to some fucker getting on the tracks and then having to switch the power off... Why? If the cunt is stupid enough to go on the tracks let him get fucking electrocuted, his own fault. Ended up getting to brighton before Nat and rang my best mate Taliah. Spoke to her for a while, then she ditched me for Marley and me... (Bitch) and Natalie turned up, we saw each other in WH Smiths... just as we did the first time we met up... Seeing her brought back so many memories. Anywayy...

As always is the case in Brighton we started walking... and kept walking until I said "Hang on... where the fuck are we going?" :P. We walked around the shopping centre, went to the pier... sat talking about shittt, rang Siana... her mum had to answer the phone to her... the little pussy. :P Finally we decided we were hungry so we made our way to Mcdonalds, I had 2 cheeseburgers because I was hungry... well... I thought I was... I Could only manage one and had to put the other one in my bag... My bag contained only deodrant originally but I looked like a fag with an empty bag so I shoved some shoes in their. I'm so Bad ass. :D And one of these shoes became my burger holder. XD

I took great pride in walking round exclaiming "I have a BURGER in my SHOE". Aha. God I got some funny looks. We Sat back on the pier and then on the beach. We had another good chat :) Walked to the station and said goodbye... Got the train home and Biked round to Max's, got the football signing on forms which I will do tomorrow and came home. :)

Heres the bit some people will dislike. Yes, me and Natalie did Kiss. Yes I did enjoy it. No I don't regret it. I'm single for crying out loud. Just because I'm interested in you doesn't mean I can't lead a normal single life. So fuck you. :)

Anyway, I've bored you enough again.
Shall write ASAP aboutt Tomorrow (Mums, Haircut, Exam results and Party) and if I don't do it before Friday I shall also write about my day Friday, whether its with one girl or another. :)

Love y'all. :)

P.s Who is the random welsh girl that is following my blog? Sorry, I don't recognise you. Add me on msn?
Thank you :D

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  1. its beth :L
    i already have you on msn silly.
    saw you had a blogspot and was like ooh i have one of those :)