Friday, 28 August 2009

Catch Up... :D

Okay, I Know I haven't blogged for a while but there is a reason for this. People I don't want to know what I have been up to have been reading my blogs. I have been contemplating this blog for a while and Decided... You know what, Fuck them. I'm 17 and I'll do what the fuck I like. So here goes... Review of what happened since I last posted. It'll be brief. :)

Thursday 20th August - Went to Mummys and spent the day with her and my sister and cousins, I was so tired all day and I have no idea why, Meh. In the evening there was a beach party planned but only 7 people showed up, So me, Craig, James, Dan, Rob, Kai and Jemma went to Shrubbs field and messed around in the park. Jonny + ADHD + (Rainbow dust X 5) = WIN :D.

Friday 21st August- Woke up around 12, Was Supposed to meet Mikki at 12:30... No chance, Got there about 2, Went back to mine and had sex. Yes, had sex. Go ahead people. Start Judging me, Lets make it worse shall we? It was unprotected. But I know she's clean and she got the morning after pill so (Y). We honestly tried to use a condom but it wouldn't fit and you try telling a horny girl that she can't have sex. Plus I was horny as fuck, that was my first sex for 8 months and tbh I forgot how good sex was. Walked Mikki home again. Cycled home again. As far as I recall that was it for my Friday, :) Oh no, Wait, met up with Nicole and Matt, They smoked some weed and we went to the shop, Matt fucked off to get more weed and me being the gentleman I am walked Nicole home

Saturday 22nd August- Bit of an uneventful day by the previous days standards. :L Went to Cricket in petworth. Nice ground in the garden pretty much of Petworth House. We were skittled out for 96. I got 0* without facing a ball. Shame, I fancied my chances, I was in a batting mood. Oh Well. Got a bowl. Took 1-16 off of 6 overs, Not bad, Perhaps deserved more, the batsmen were bricking it, maybe I really am a fast bowler after all. :) Went home and then decided to meet up with Nicole and Matt again. Ended up staying with them in my Caravan all night, No Sleep (N). Ah well.

Sunday 23rd August- Got ready and biked to the station again, Got the train to brighton again and then met up with Emilyy. Finally, After 1 Year and 4 Months of friendship and Relationship I met a girl who means one hell of a lot to me. Spent the day with her. Realised how much she really means to me and yeah. We just walked around Brighton and stuff. It was pretty perfect. I think I may want to get back with her, I dunno, We'll see. Need to see her again and confirm feelings and shit. Plus she lives so far away... BLEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Anyway...

Monday 24th August - As far as I recall I stayed in bed all day until Football. Cycled all the way to the Arena (5/6 miles away) only to find out the other team aren't even there. Brilliant, Still, get to keep the £3. XD Plus we played a friendly, Which we drew, I played rather well even if I do say so myself :) Matt and Nicole wanted to stay in my Caravan again, Fuck off, I wanted to sleep :P

Tuesday 25th August - I don't remember doing anything on Tuesday, Bit of Facebook, Msn, The Usual. :P

Wednesday 26th August- Had training for Felpham today, Went really well, Played well in goal and on pitch, This Felpham team looks very decent. I'm glad to be back to be honest :D

Thursday 27th August - Another Lazy Day I think. Got my Provisional license and booked my first lesson for nex Thursday though. :D:D:D

Friday 28th August - Lazy yet again, Went to Spenny's in the evening, Rather enjoyable time :) I do a killer cat impression , :p

Thats it then, Dunno when I'll update next, May well use this purely for random posts nowadays, Less trouble.

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. i cant believe that people judge you on your postings on your blog. tbh if they dont like what you say/do, fuck them. they shouldnt even read it if they're gonna be like that.