Saturday, 14 November 2009

Return of a fuck up.

Why hello there my friends. And welcome back to the freak show that is my life. LOL! Seriously, I haven't blogged since fricking August. That's far too long for you not to hear my fucked up views.... You know you've missed hearing my utter failings. Admit it.

Anywho... Obviously I can't write about EVERYTHING that's happened in the past few months. We'd be here too long, I can give you the high-(and low)- lights though. Okay.

I think I have serious mental problems. I'm not gonna go into details because in all honesty I'm scared to tell everyone I think I have something then eventually get the courage to go to the Doctors and him to be like "Shut up bitch, you is just a hypochondriac." Dunno why I have a doctor from the Ghetto all of a sudden but I s'pose that would be more cool than a normal white doctor.

Another Low point was my Nan passing away in September. I know I always used to bitch about her but she was like a mum to me. She always helped me and I miss her like crazy. I'm trying to carry on like normal but to be honest its difficult. My house feels so empty. Eugh. Fuck it.

I'm thinking of completely changing atm. I have the urge to start just becoming a normal wreckless teenager, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Drugs, Sex. You know, I'll be an adult soon and It'll be irresponsible for me to do those things and I feel like I have wasted my opportunity to experiment so far. Meh, we'll see, I definitely want more sex.

On that kind of subject, I was looking for a girlfriend, I guess I still am. Nobody seems interested though, Only girls that live miles and miles away and I really don't want to be with someone I only see on rare occasions. I like hugs and kisses too much. I just want to feel loved, I haven't had that feeling in a long time. Last time was back in January and that didn't last nearly long enough. I've had brief periods of people saying they loved me but they disappear after a few days. Which is shit but Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Whatcha gonna do.

I can't wait for this year to end. I wanna start again. Whether I'll get the opportunity is another matter. I'll find out in 48/49 days I guess. I don't even know how I'll start again. With difficulty I guess. God I'm such a whiny little cunt. Feel free to stab me if you see me in the street. I'm joking obviously but you know. Anyway... Happy thoughts.... Happy thoughts.

I SAW FUCKING GREEN DAY, AND THEY WERE FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!!! Billie Joe sounds even better in real life. I'm seeing them again in June, at Wembley, Standing, I'm gonna get right to the front and touch Billie, Mike and Tre. OM NOM NOM. I would genuinely turn gay for them. (L)

Anyway, I'll leave it there.
Talk soon hopefully. Leave comments please. I Love social interaction. :)