Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Under Pressure

S'up Bitches and Players :D

Just a quick blog update. I haven't updated recently because I'm under a shiiiiit load of pressure from the ol' sixth form to do my work. Meh. Fuck them. :D

A lot more positives in this blog.
1. I have my dykey Rubyks Cube back. :D Love you Ruby Elizabeth Anne Lee ;)
2. I'm well into gaming atm and I completed CoD:Modern Warfare 2 AND Batman:Arkham Asylum. Seriously, 2 of the best made games of this Gen of consoles. On the subject of Gens, so stoked for Project Natal. If you haven't seen it check it out.
3. I have a girlfriend. :O. Its early days yet and I'm seeing how it goes but she's lovely to me, just what I need tbh.

On a low note I don't have a job anymore. No income sucks. If any potential employers read this... HIRE ME PLEASE.

Driving is going well, got my theory exam on the 22nd and hope to be passed by february/March. If any of my online friends want me to see them give me a shout once I'm on the road and It can be arranged....

Anywho... Thats about it. Laterzzzzzzzzzzz


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